Bling and Bliss is GROWING!

It has been a slow process launching this new website but BLING & BLISS is growing. I am adding new wedding invitation designs and engagement invitation designs each week. I am very particular about the designs, I want them to reflect current trends but also to be original. You will see a lot more retro and vintage style invitations as the range increases.

Bling and Bliss is designed to provide quality, original wedding and engagement invitations at an AFFORDABLE price. You will see, however, that I have a particular focus on using photos. I really love using black and white photos and embedding them into the design.

My comic range is also increasing….as this has proved VERY popular with clients.  My caricatures look very realistic. I go to a great deal of trouble to make sure Bridal Shower 27 Dresses invitationyour photo looks like it belongs to the cartoon body.  I have been using Adobe Photoshop for 0ver 18 years and I have become most adept at blending skin tones and hair.

My stationery range is a little slower to grow…but we are getting there. Check out my new ‘Save the date cards’ and my 27 dresses inspired Bridal Shower invitation.


Welcome to Bling and Bliss

Welcome to my new invitation website. It is an exciting time as we launch a new range of engagement and wedding invitations. All the invitations are designed to PRINT yourself. This is an economical way of creating special invitations and stationery without the HUGE cost that professsional printers charge. All our invitations are unique and can be tweaked to suit your occasion.

Bling and Bliss also has a number of sister websites that you can go to.

Party Photo Invitations

Bling and Bliss Invitation Websites

We are in the process of adding new, exciting and original invitations and stationery…so bear with us as the site develops.

You can also order a limited range from our Etsy website.

Etsy Party Photo Invitations